Has the coronavirus disrupted your life or your daily routine?  


The disruption caused by COVID-19 is on the scale of a world war or disaster. Such widespread uncertainty can feel differently to each of us. 


We might feel scared or overwhelmed, or we might try to regain our sense of control by trying to ignore what’s happening. 


Would it help to get intentional about your habits? Do you wish you felt more in control of your health and wellness at this time? Would you like to start making your wellbeing a priority?


With the onset of the global pandemic, everything has changed. Which means, you may find yourself having to change the way you do things as well.  


The volunteer coaches at Health Coaching Without Barriers are here to help.

Health coaches are trained to help you:

  • Create small, actionable steps that will help you reach your goals

  • Improve accountability

  • Increase awareness to commitment and health

  • Support you to find ways to decrease stress

When it comes to making changes, should you think big or start small?


We like to encourage you to think big when it comes to the possibilities for your health and wellbeing. 


And, research has shown that you’re more likely to achieve that bigger vision when you break it into small, attainable goals. 


We believe that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” In fact, momentum and confidence are best built when you:


  • Set small goals - it’s these little changes that lead to big lifestyle and habit changes

  • Track them - find a simple, visible or meaningful way to track your success as you go

  • Honor your achievements - make sure that you celebrate your success

Coaching Schedule


Offerings are currently on pause.

What You Will Leave With


Coaching is meant to  help you get clear on how you want to navigate your life during this difficult time, especially with regard to your daily habits. As you continue adapting to the uncertainty and changes caused by the coronavirus, you will have the following new tools to draw on:

  • The experience of working with a health coach to change your habits

  • Clearer vision around what you want for your wellness and how you aim to get it

  • Knowing how to create small, doable steps that lead you in the direction of your bigger goals

this IS for you if you:

  • Want accountability around your health and wellness habits

  • Want to improve the structure of your week or day, and plan to continue that after coaching ends

  • Will commit to attending four sessions on time

  • Want to take self-directed steps to improve your stress management, sleep, food, movement, or social connections

  • Will take full responsibility for your own wellbeing

this is not for you if you:

  • Are in a crisis* 

  • Want to coach only on one specific condition and are not interested in exploring the impact this pandemic may have on you and any conditions you have

  • Are focused only on learning about health and wellness, rather than also participating actively in changing your habits

  • Want a support group to process how you are feeling, rather than engaging in a program that is focused on habit change, where discussions about feelings might also arise

*If you are in distress or have specific symptoms, please contact a licensed provider, such as a physician, psychotherapist, or mental health counselor.

Which One: Group Coaching Program or Individual Coaching?


Here are some tips to help you determine which coaching format might be right for you.


  • Like a communal atmosphere and feel you will benefit from knowing what others are experiencing

  • Like to share your experiences with a group

  • Get more out of peer accountability

  • Prefer a more structured approach


  • Feel more comfortable talking one on one

  • Prefer a more individualized approach without having to take others’ needs or perspectives into account

  • Don’t feel like a group experience would be positive for you

  • Like a more personalized approach 

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Registration is closed.